Bean bag chairs can cater to a different number of designs and patterns. So, if you like to change your chair’s design depending on your mood, then you can do it in a few easy ways. You can choose whatever bean bag chair covers that tickle your fancy and still have fun!

Chair cover inspired by their favorite food is one of the people’s guilty pleasures. And who can blame them? Food does not only comfort the stomach, but also the soul. Food is also one of the few legal addictions a person could have. It is then no wonder that it wormed its way into the cover design. Here is a list of popular covers that will make your mouth water.

  1. Sushi Inspired Bean Bag Chair

Fresh and delicious, sushi, a famous Japanese cuisine, has established its name all over the world. It is made from vegetables, raw seafood, rice, and some even come with tropical fruits. This dish does not only look good on a platter but also in your living room as a bean bag chair. The combination of colors of this kind of food makes it interesting as a cover design.

  1. Pancake Inspired Bean Bag Chair

Pancake is a famous treat for breakfast. It’s also a good design to consider for your bean bag chair cover, especially if you like lounging on it early in the morning. While you’re sipping your coffee, you can easily do it on this pancake-inspired chair. To complete its look, you can add yellow square-shaped pillows to stand as butter.

  1. Hamburger Inspired Bean Bag Chair

Who does not like eating hamburgers? It’s one of the people’s all-time favorite. It has also inspired many furniture designs, including bean bag chair cover. You can easily buy one with a preset print and easily slip it on your bean bag chair, or you can piece each ingredient on different layers of the pillow together. It’s a design that you can’t let go of.

  1. Donut Inspired Bean Bag Chair

What makes donut popular, aside from its delicious taste, is that it comes with different creams and toppings. It offers different possibilities when you turn it into a design. You can have a bean bag chair cover with pink cream and colorful sprinkles or one with a dark chocolate top. Either way, it will capture anybody’s attention and still offer the same comfort. However, to fully rock this design, it’s better if you pair it with a bean bag chair that has a hole in its center. If it does not have one, the cover can sport around neutral color in the center to represent the hole.

  1. Cinnamon Roll Inspired Bean Bag Chair

Cinnamon roll has a very interesting shape. If you take that shape into a design, you will have a different cover altogether. The swirl that ends at the top can serve as good support for a person’s back whenever they sit on the chair. It’s definitely something you should try.