Garage door springs break and it is something that cannot really be helped. What can be helped though is how you deal with it. Garage door springs, when compared to some of the other parts of a garage door and garage door opener, are rated for a lesser number of garage door cycles. One garage door cycle is an opening and closing of a garage door.

The reason that garage door springs are rated for fewer garage door cycles than other parts is that they are simply doing so much during each opening and closing of the garage door. Garage door springs do the bulk of the lifting of your garage door when it is used. If you had to lift that kind of weight a few thousand times over your lifetime you would also start to feel a fair bit of wear and tear. This is why garage door springs break or snap after a while.

When you first have your garage door opener in Omaha installed it will, of course, come with garage door springs. If you are still at this point or haven’t gotten any garage door service in Omaha yet, ask for some information on your garage door springs. See how long you can expect them to last and you’ll also be able to find out if they are torsion springs or extension springs.

When you know what type of garage door springs you have then you can estimate how long your garage door springs can hold up. This means you can get ready for your garage door springs to fail and, if you want to, could even get them replaced before they go bad. Getting someone to replace your garage door spring in Omaha early means that you aren’t looking at nearly as much downtime for your garage door.

When you know the type of garage door spring in your garage door opener system you also are more knowledgeable about how to maintain it. You’ll know if you need to keep it lubricated every so often or if it is the type of garage door spring that is protected from dust, debris, moisture, etc.

With a garage door spring you know the model of or how many cycles you are looking to get out of it you can be ready for the investment in getting it replaced. You won’t be shocked but the investment and you will hopefully be able to get over the shock of the loud bang in your garage once you figure out what it was.

The amount of stress that your garage door springs are under is pretty large. This is why when you are faced with a garage door spring breaking you not only can’t use your garage door opener, but you should not try and replace it yourself. Most garage doors will still have one working garage door spring that is under a massive amount of stress and if you do something wrong it could snap with you nearby which could be extremely dangerous.

Replacing a garage door spring is also dangerous because the new garage door spring needs to take on the weight of your garage door while you hook it up. Without the proper experience of replacing the part in similar doors, you could very easily overstretch one and end up with a broken garage door spring and sporting a tough injury.

The garage door spring is one of those household repairs that is always best left to the professionals. When it needs to happen though, don’t panic, just call up your local garage door service and tell them you’ll be needing a new garage door spring.