One of the most used, yet often least considered rooms in the home is the hallway. All hallways or entrance spaces are different, depending on your house’s shape, size, and style. One thing that remains the same with all hallways, however, is just how important they are. The moment you or anyone else enters your home, the very first thing you see if the hallway. The hallway is the initial greeting for the rest of your home, and it’s really important to make sure you create a good first impression through the hallways décor. There are a few things to consider in designing the perfect hallway for your home, and each home will thrive from different ideas. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect hallway for your home.

The best thing to consider, to begin with, is practical and functional purposes. Think about what your hallway is used for, as many homes require more than just a way of entering and exiting the home. Space is key for any hallway, as you need to be able to accommodate items such as deliveries, pushchairs and so on. Making the most out of the space you have is always best, for example adding storage devices that would work perfectly for storing things such as shoes, coats, bags and so on will help you keep your walkways neat and tidy whilst also practical. If you feel that your hallway requires storage and you don’t have space, one soliton could be to add under stairs storage, as space is already there and no additional room has to be used for this. Items such as bench boxes, tall drawers, and cupboards are great for hallways, as they are slim and easy to use yet also can look stylish and modern.

Once you have established your storage and how it will work best for you, you need to consider the overall décor and theme you wish to use. As your hallway is the very first room anyone will see, it’s best to create a theme that coincides with the rest of your home. You don’t want to use bold, dramatic colors as you may give the wrong impression of your home’s style and not create the ideal first impression. Neutral colors are always a good choice for hallways, as you can really capture an inviting, homely atmosphere whilst still having a stylish and chic look. If you find that your hallway lacks excitement or simply looks to plain, incorporating features such as blinds (if you have a window), artwork or even family photographs will add a really nice, personal touch to the room.

With any room, lighting is a key feature that needs to be done right. With your hallway, the main aim is to allow as much natural light into the area as you can, whether it filters through from a different room, or simply from windows and the front door. Natural light is perfect for making a room feel larger, whilst also adding a fresh, uplifting feel. If natural light is not something that will work for your hallway, wall lighting is really good for illuminating all sides of the hallway without making it too bright. You don’t want your hallway to be too bright and lively, you want to create the right balance to generate enough light to simply warm the room and ensure it feels inviting and homely.

Your hallway will work perfectly once you have those parts covered, but another, more exciting, thing to do within the design process is adding your personal touch. As your hallway works as a greeting for the rest of the home, having personal touches instantly will generate the perfect atmosphere and look. Personal touches can differ from whatever suits your style, whether you’re passionate about art and you place a beautiful painting on the wall, or if you’re family orientated and have a few family photographs dotted around your hallway, either approach will instantly inject a personal touch to the overall feel and look of the room and welcome people into your lovely home. Other features to ensure your entrance is stylish and modern would be things such as a bold door handle, brass letterbox, quirky umbrella stand or even a fancy doorbell, everything will work for hand in hand to ensure your front entrance is inviting as well as classic and sophisticated.