Summer is finally almost upon us, the evenings are staying lighter for longer, and the days are gradually getting warmer. Now is the best time to ensure your garden is exactly how you want it to be for when those summer days roll in. Whether you like to throw small parties with your friends and family, or you simply like to wind down and relax in the comfort of your own garden, here are a few tips on how you can create the perfect space for your outdoor living.

Having an outdoor living space is really beneficial to any home. The ability to use your garden for more than just sunbathing on the freshly cut grass or getting the paddling pool out is so great. Being able to dine, relax and even socialize in your garden is amazing, especially as you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine whilst you’re at it. Many homes tend to neglect the garden until the last few days of spring, then suddenly the deck chairs and BBQ are out and it is time to go! One key thing to consider first for any outdoor living area is how you wish to display it, for example, decking or patio paving are both really substantial and useful materials to use for creating that harder surface where you can set up your social space. Having a section of your garden equipped with a harder surface is also great for adding value to your home, as you are allowing extra space for living and the ability to use the garden, even if the grass was boggy or wet!

Once you’ve established your living area and the surface material you wish to use, it’s time to think about the exciting parts that will ooze with personal style and sophistication. Your living area needs to be suited to your wants and desires, for example, you need to ensure you have the ability to do whatever you wish in this area. Seating is a number one for any living area, indoor or out, and it’s important to get the right kind to suit your area. For outdoor seating, you can find so many beautiful styles to choose from. It’s always best to decide on a solid frame, whether it be wooden, metal or plastic, and then accessorize the seating with something a little more exciting such as cushions or throws.  By keeping the base of the chair free, you are making it easier for yourself when it comes to the winter months, whether the chairs stay outdoors and the cushions get used inside, or you may decide to put the whole arrangement into storage until the days get warmer again. Similarly, with a table, if you wish to entertain or simply use your garden living area to dine with your family on a warm summer evening then a solid material such as wood or plastic is ideal for your outdoor dining table. Again you can dress this with accessories to make it a little more personal, but for practical purposes, you want something that can withstand possible showers!

Lighting is another key feature in any outdoor living area, as when those warmer evenings are upon us, you may find yourself chatting the night away into the later hours when the sun no longer shines. For this purpose alone, lighting is really important, as well as creating a soft, gentle atmosphere and making the area inviting and cozy. You can choose from so many different types of lighting, whether it’s larger lamps or bold lights that stand tall, or simple lights that sit on the table or on the floor at the edge of your patio or decking. You could also consider additional lighting such as candles, fairy lights or even hanging lamps to create added ambiance and give a personal touch to the area.

How you decide to decorate and style your outdoor living space is completely down to personal style. If you feel you want to create a quiet, relaxing space then adding items such as a sun lounger, or even hammock, will enable you to switch off with a good book and relax the afternoon away. Or you could add a statement chair that’s comfortable and relaxing, to help you stay chilled throughout your time outside. If you want your area to be more of social space, extra seating is always a good idea. Adding personal touches such as storage for throws, cute lanterns positioned on the table, a fire pit or BBQ, even speakers will just add to the overall feel and atmosphere of your living area and you’ll be able to enjoy your summer evenings in the comfort of your own garden.